About Us

Founded in 2009 by Aubrey and Samantha Hanford, Samantha's Heirlooms and Exotics, LLC was a family-run farm and hydroponics business.  We enjoyed reaching out to the community to teach them about farming, plants, and good nutrition.

Our Mission Statement

-To provide healthy, unique, delicious, and local produce to families
-To protect our environment and the health of our communities
-To enhance our customer's food choices and palate
-To give back to our community.   

Who We Are

Born out of a passion for everything green and growing, Samantha's Heirlooms and Exotics, LLC was a premier source for holistic produce and fresh herbs.  Samantha grew all of the produce she sold to ensure the highest quality and variety.  The fundamental belief that food can be grown in harmony with Nature for the betterment of all creatures had created some of the finest products available.